When all the fun and games are over the real excitement begins; whether it is the click of the cash register or the swipe of a credit card, the Flow House is built on revenue generation. It was born out of the idea that five is better than four, which is certainly better than one. The Flow House is a combination of five major revenue generators:

    1. Food
    2. Beverage
    3. Retail
    4. Events
    5. Ride Ticket Sales

    These money makers all feed into the same pool. They are cohesive and complimentary and in many instances these elements can stand on their own. When combined, they feed off of each other to increase dwell time and generate more revenue, while the shared elements of staffing, building space and facilities all keep the costs down.

    Having played a role in the development and operation of several Wave House Venues, we are experienced operators and understand the intricacies of how a consumer based business works, especially one involving the connection of a FlowRider to food, beverage and ancillary revenue streams.  Our advice and direction is based upon our experience in supporting these venues. Furthermore, we have helped similar venues emerge that continue to be successful. These facilities are stand-alone operations that in most cases incorporate at least a FlowRider with two or more of the other elements described above.


    With multiple Flow House venues operating successfully and many more either under construction or in planning stages,  Flow House is set to be the next big thing.  Are you going to be standing on the side lines or in the fray!