Once a Flow House is up and running, the FlowRider is mostly used by the general public for fun ride sessions, but it offers so much more. Flow Leagues, Flow Jams, Night Flights, live music, corporate events, and private parties are some of the activities that can naturally be integrated into any given Flow House. While each venue may vary, you can expect to be part of some or all of these activities at your local Flow House!

    Flow League

    Invented on the sands of Mission Beach, California, Flow Leagues can vary from quite small to fierce weekly competitions.  Think of, dare we say it, a bowling league, but way more exhilarating! The competition categories usually consist of youth, men’s, women’s, co-ed and old goats. These leagues are very exciting and keep the Flow House pulse pumping!

    Flow Jams

    Flow Jams are a chance for your local intermediate and professional flowboarders to take turns showing off their skills. It’s also a chance for diners and spectators at Flow House to watch, learn a trick or two, and maybe even get some wave spray in their face! These sessions are highly inspiring to continue testing one’s own flowboarding skills. Riders that get in the mix at these fun Flow Jams usually share tricks and tips with each other. This kind of friendly camaraderie is definitely part of the California vibe Flow House exudes and draws customers back time and time again.


    Flow House can be a hot spot for FlowRider excitement and amazing musical entertainment. DJs, live music or just blasting the latest popular tunes absolutely elevates the level of fun at Flow House.